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Premium Fitness Tracking with real-time mental-health interventions at your fingertips.

About our treatment Assistance

Dirac Links has built an interactive platform that enables doctors, therapists, counselors, educators, and coaches to work together for better monitoring, delivery of treatments, and informing our clinicians-to-client relationships and services.

Functions of our platform:
  • Reactive monitoring and management assistance targeting specific mental health disorders;
  • Reactive monitoring and assistance targeting specific chronic pain management;
  • Reactive goal setting, monitoring and management with realistic and measurable practices;
  • Reactive environmental Immersion to provide immediate environmental de-stressors to enable a positive mental-health and well-being state of mind;
  • Connecting practitioners and clinicians with clients via somatic and autonomic CNS responses.

To provide impactful, real-time physical and mental health care assistance without limitations or boundaries.


To accelerate the access and process in providing real-time mental health screening, monitoring, treatment techniques, and goal-setting for the world.

Who We Are ?

We are an interdisciplinary team of healthcare specialists, clinicians, educators, and engineers connecting individuals and healthcare providers to a holistic-care approach using proprietary hardware and software platforms.

Best Laboratory

In our pursuit to create the highest quality of services and the most efficient delivery of access to services-to-client care, we are constantly creating new field-testing and laboratory-based pilot programs with accredited institutions within their respective disciplines.

Clinicians and Creators Says

" A groundbreaking mental health & medical diagnostic platform that’s individualized, inclusive, and accessible for our most vulnerable populations. "

- Robin Stewart Co-founder

" A great platform that can finally connect practitioners across medical disciplines to work together to help treat both mental health and medical comorbidities together. "

- Qiliang Li Co-Founder


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