About us

A world-class interdisciplinary team of specialists providing a universal joint approach to how holistic, connected care should be delivered.

About Doctors

Bridging Mental Healthcare with Primary Health Care and/or Specialists

Whether you are a practitioner wanting to provide interventions for your client(s) in-between visits or a current patient wanting to keep your doctor(s) informed with your current mental health and physical wellbeing status, Dirac Link’s patented platform can seamlessly bridge the communication gap.

About Our Team

We are a team of healthcare facilitators, practitioners, and engineers pursuing a critical mission in connecting individuals, families, and healthcare providers with a precise monitoring, screening, and real-time delivery intervention platform.

Robin Stewart Robin Stewart is a co-founder in Dirac Links LLC. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, serial inventor, and Mathematics educator who holds multiple US patents in the field of sensor technologies that focus on IOT platforms, human exchange interfacing, and smart-biometric response systems. Robin has dedicated his life to enriching the lives of others through technology, volunteering, and philanthropy.
Dr. Qiliang Li Dr. Qiliang Li is a Co-founder of Dirac Links LLC. He has a Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering. He designs and fabricates sensors, semiconductor devices, and integrates sensors into smart sensor systems. He holds multiple US patents in various fields that focus on monitoring platforms, nano-wire technology, smart transportation, and data exchange ecosystems. His interest are electronics, Intelligent Sensor Systems, and Chemical Sensors
Dr. Davina Smith Dr. Davina Smith is an accomplished Business Leader, Entrepreneur, and Army Veteran. Throughout her career she has consistently delivered value to organizations and individuals. She is also an author and serves as both the Host and Producer of Dr. Davina’s Dots and is the CEO of Design Doc LLC. Dr. Smith leverages her multifaceted roles to champion holistic wellness. Through the dynamic combination of music, inspirational messages, art, and innovative products, she passionately fosters a positive mindset and encourages a life filled with positivity. Her unwavering mission is to inspire and empower individuals, infusing every project with a harmonious blend of creativity and purpose. She is a member of Dirac Links Board of Directors.
Dionne Dougall Dionne Dougall is a health and wellness coach, communications strategist, program and event facilitator, and holistic health advocate. She is the founder of 9th Sign Ventures, LLC. Her work is centered around healing, wellness and self-development for the individual and the collective. She accomplishes this mission through various partnerships, projects and platforms. Over the span of three decades she has counseled and collaborated with leaders in public health, health policy and integrative health, to bring to life and discussion issues that affect our overall well-being. She believes that there are many paths to healing and wellness, and what matters most is what speaks directly to the heart, mind and soul of the individual. Dionne is a member of the Dirac Links Board of Directors.
Bridgette Bell Bridgette Bell is a 19-year Army combat veteran and Human Resources leader with a demonstrated record of using innovation and collaboration to generate impact. Having served as a Company Commander, a Unit Victim Advocate, Assistant Professor at West Point, and a Director of HR, she strives to lead in the spaces that intersect the human dimension with psychology. Bridgette will soon complete a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Clinical Psychology from a multicultural-focused program at Jackson State University. She is a 2017 Tillman Military Scholar, and a 2019 Aspen Ideas Health Scholar/Marineau Scholar.